How To Make Use Of UIDAI’s Online Aadhaar Card Services

by Lionel Casey

The UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India gives a number of online offerings for Aadhaar holders and candidates. The UIDAI – the provider of the 12-digit private identity number below the Aadhaar programme – permits candidates to check the status in their request and find the closest Aadhaar centre through its “self-carrier” portal, uidai.Gov.In. The UIDAI portal also permits Aadhaar holders to make modifications to the address fed into their Aadhaar profile as well as download a virtual replica in their Aadhaar card online. Various on-line equipment furnished with the aid of the UIDAI on the Aadhaar portal enable users to music the repute in their Aadhaar software, retrieve a lost Aadhaar range and find data on Aadhaar centres, amongst other services.

Here’s a quick description of the way you could make use of these online offerings supplied by the Aadhaar card-issuing frame, UIDAI, via its portal (uidai.Gov.In):
How to update Aadhaar card address

The user can update the address online through filing legitimate files or an deal with validation letter (for the ones without data), in keeping with the UIDAI protal. The Aadhaar holder can get right of entry to the provider through deciding on the “update your address online” alternative on the UIDAI portal.

On the following web page, the consumer is needed to log in to the portal via an OTP- or one-time passcode-based totally verification manner.

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