Dessert Ladies’ recognition of corporate clients has its sales on the upward push

by Lionel Casey

As co-owners of Dessert Ladies in Stirling, Geraldine Keough and her daughter, Lindsay Keogh Smith, knew they wanted something to set their business apart.

“We wanted to have a spot marketplace for ourselves,” Keogh said.

Dessert Ladies’ recognition of corporate clients has its sales on the upward push 3

They decided to recognize corporate dessert activities and custom company gifts and celebration desserts and custom treats.

The duo started by creating custom cakes (beginning at $75), neighborhood items for small companies (consisting of a tasting platter of assorted treats, $37), and custom treats (inclusive of emblem cupcakes, $three.50 each).

They located particular success, they stated, with handheld, chunk-sized desserts.

Especially the ones made for huge clients.

“We always have centered on corporate customers because the marketplace proportion is greater and better,” Keogh stated.

In 2014, they were given one of the most prominent clients of all: the NFL.

The duo earned the opportunity to become the official VIP dessert caterer for Super Bowl XLVII at MetLife Stadium.

That event modified the course of the employer, Keogh stated.

“That is when we took off,” she said.

Dessert Ladies now makes a specialty of large-scale dessert bars for corporate and private customers.

She said it’s a niche that has moved its bottom line, mentioning the regular 20% annual growth the business has visible in the view.

Dessert Ladies’ dessert bars, including themed décor and handcrafted cakes, may be modified, added, and displayed anywhere in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, ranging from smaller events in a person’s domestic to massive company events at Bryant Park.

“We bake and bring the entirety so that, with one smartphone call, it’s done,” Keogh said. “You shouldn’t get an occasion planner concerned or have your personnel supply something. We do all of it.

“While your group goes about them everyday work, we come in and, from honestly not anything, create big displays full of props, decorations, and themed desserts so that your staff can then come together later to socialize and have fun milestones, birthdays, promotions and greater.”

Dessert Ladies has worked with corporate clients consisting of Mercedes-Benz, Marriott, Goldman Sachs, and Century 21 and with Prudential in Newark and Springpoint Senior Living in Wall Township.

“They take workforce appreciation significantly,” Keogh Smith said.

The business enterprise hosts, on average, large-scale dessert bars for more than 300 people in step with the week (that could price everywhere from $5,000 to $7,000) and nearly ten smaller events, Keogh said.

“We normally tell humans to offer us their finances so we will get lower back to them with the fine value,” she said. “There are certain products which are more costly and worried than others. However, we’ve got approaches of mixing picks for every finance.”

Dessert Ladies can accomplish all this with simply nine employees.

“Our corporation, although small in numbers, is huge in imaginative and prescient and pressure,” Keogh Smith stated. “What takes typically to 6 other companies to perform for an event, we do all of it ourselves.

“Our work ethic is, in reality, exceptional — we can’t allow any orders to go out without pushing the innovative ceiling a bit higher. It’s started to turn out to be a dependency on thinking outdoor of the field.”

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