Flintshire 6th-formers to pay for bus transport

by Lionel Casey

Free transport for masses of college students in post-sixteen education in Flintshire is about to be scrapped from the subsequent year.

Flintshire 6th-formers to pay for bus transport 3

Almost 2,000 kids within the county presently get hold of the free tour to their nearest appropriate 6th form or university.

Flintshire County Council is one of the few authorities which still finances this type of carrier, costing £750,000 a year.

The cupboard has now subsidized a plan to rate students £a hundred and fifty-£450 a yr from September 2020 for travel, except for people who get hold of free faculty meals.

Council chief Ian Roberts acknowledged the financial trouble the changes could destabilize region on some families but said it became vital given the authority’s price range shortfall.

“We, as a council, have prided ourselves on making publish-sixteen training accessible to all,” he said.

“Unfortunately, there may be no such element as free school or university delivery as loose for the consumer approach that the council taxpayer in widespread has to foot the bill.”

Bus expenses ‘hit Welsh education.’

Bus expenses ‘hitting poorer college students.’

Councillor Roberts advocated the authority to discover the opportunity of creating a hassle fund for families who have a problem having access to training due to the costs.

The change becomes accredited no matter opposition from a majority of the 647 children and parents who spoke back to a session at the concept, keeping with the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

Councillor Glyn Banks, the cabinet member for finance, introduced that the money stored amounted to an additional 1% on council tax.

“It’s with a heavy coronary heart we should assist this as it’s now not sure a whole lot of an option,” he said.

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