New app Scrubz ambitions to be the ‘Uber’ of residence cleansing

by Lionel Casey

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Getting your property cleaned can now be carried out with the clicking of a button.

House cleaning is now high-tech in the Valley through a new app referred to as Scrubz.

“If you desired to get your own home cleaned or wanted to get a brief smooth performed right earlier than you’ve got visitors coming over, it would cost a fortune, right? So we figured — how are we able to make this cheaper and greater cheap to humans,” stated Parm John, the app’s co-founder.

Parm John and Josh Sanghera are the co-founders of the cleaning service app that commenced within the Valley in October.

“You want everything short, easy and right away. A lot of people don’t have numerous time on their hands,” Sanghera stated.

Once you download the app via the app shop, you can choose among a ramification of services from a primary clean to a better smooth. Prices start at $fifty nine.99 and go up.

“We have this concept of the gig economy that’s the type of like your Uber. You simply take out the primary corporation and it’s just people working for people as independent contractors, but we are the intermediary that hyperlinks the 2 together,” stated John.

It additionally links you two to speak online for those hassle areas.

“You’re capable of message your cleanser as soon as you are booked. You can contact them directly up till the easy,” said Sanghera.

Scrubz founders say they have got taken measures to keep their cleaners and their customers safe. Once you e-book a service, you get the profile of a person who’s cleansing your home. The organization also does historical past exams on their personal and screens its customers to make sure it’s a relaxed surrounding.

The founders say because they launched the app, they have wiped clean 20 homes and that range is growing.

“There are loads of people right here. If we can hone in on certain humans and work to get our product better and make it faster and greater handy then I think we’ve got something unique right here and it could be something that commenced here in the Central Valley,” John stated.

Four. Do they offer a delight assure? What does it entail? How lengthy after the provider is performed, do I actually have to call to file problems that need to be addressed? No count how precise a provider is, or how awesome the worker schooling software, it is imperfect humans cleaning the house. As the purchaser, you have to have a reassurance that if the crew has a “bad day”, the employer will make it proper.

Five. Who will have the important thing for my residence? What is the policy? How can I make sure I am safe? This has to be a huge problem, and maximum clients do not suppose to ask this query. Are the keys signed out each day? How are the keys kept in different instances? Where are they kept? Are they locked up? Who is liable for them? If they had been to be lost or stolen, are there any markings that become aware of where they cross? Make sure there is not anything to pick out your address on the important thing. Also, ask up the front, on the occasion the key is misplaced or stolen, what is the replace / re-key policy?

6. “Are you bonded?” Please don’t ask this, and inform all your buddies, own family, and loved ones that this isn’t always the question to invite. All joking apart, do not even trouble asking this. It sincerely means not anything except in intense cases. How a bond works is that it is bought (it is not insurance, but coverage dealers difficulty them) generally for as low as $200 12 months for a small organization. Why is a bond so reasonably-priced? They are low in charge due to the fact there are hardly ever any claims paid out on them. A bond pays if an employee has stuck stealing, is tried and convicted. In the times before the information superhighway, very well checking into someone’s historical past become beyond the method of maximum small corporations. In years past, the hiring method became tough to navigate and “situations” might arise. With all the equipment available these days, every small enterprise proprietor has easy got right of entry to to evaluate whom they may be hiring to smooth your property. With that being said, maximum domestic cleansing companies go in advance and buy the bond just actually because it is simpler to spend the $two hundred greenbacks 12 months and with politeness solution when requested, “yes we’re bonded”, as opposed to going into the above narrative. Also, just consider how cool you may look whilst you are in a collection discussing this on the cocktail birthday party, whilst the concern of cleaning offerings comes up!

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