Ohio Business Takes On Dirty Job: Cleaning Garbage Cans

by Lionel Casey

MAINEVILLE, Ohio – A new business outside Cincinnati is taking on jobs most homeowners dread.

  • The company offers month-to-month, quarterly, and one-time cleaning options
  • Cleaning truck can wash garbage cans at a time
  • Expansion in the course of Ohio is the lengthy-term goal

Cleaning rubbish cans.

Ohio Business Takes On Dirty Job: Cleaning Garbage Cans 3

Ohio Clean Cans has a crew of three who journey neighborhoods at the east side of Cincinnati, visiting clients after their trash has been picked up.

The subscription-based version allows clients to decide how frequently they need their cans cleaned.

“I realize I don’t want to take a hose and Clorox and get my head all of the ways in my trash can to clean it out,” stated Jason Studebaker, Director of Commercial Sales for Ohio Clean Cans. “Honestly, we get it done in a minute and a 1/2 better than you could do it in an hour. Guaranteed.”

The truck OCC makes use of is prepared with numerous electricity washers and a generator. Using two hundred-diploma water and environmentally safe sanitizers, they can buy easy cans at a time. The power-washers at the truck clean the inner of the can, and one of the group individuals uses a hand-held energy washer to smooth the out of doors.

The dirty water, slime, microorganism, germs, and trash is collected within the truck and filtered in a fifteen-level procedure. The water, which becomes greywater, is then correctly disposed of at the business enterprise’s facility.

Customer Andrew Bartlett and his spouse have a young daughter and a dog. His HOA requires his garbage cans to be stored interior his storage.

“I recognize for my part I don’t like to smooth my garbage can,” Bartlett informed Spectrum News 1 from his home.

According to the company’s internet site, month-to-month cleanings begin at $12.50 in line with can. Prices decrease in keeping with can if additional can cleanings are brought. Quarterly carrier starts offevolved at $17.50 consistent with can, and a one-time single can cleanse $35.00.

The corporation also gives rubbish cleaning to business homes like hospitals, restaurants, and colleges.

The garbage can cleanse enterprise continues to be finding its footing. As of mid-January, the company has approximately 75 residential clients. OCC also gives strength-washing offerings. OCC has wiped clean homes, high school sports stadiums, sidewalks and driveways, and parking plenty.

“This coming 12 months, we wish to construct our business right here in Cincinnati,” Studebaker said. “Three years, five years from now, we’re hoping to get every other the sort of trailers, get some other crew, expand into larger cities around Dayton and Columbus. We’ve had a variety of interests in Columbus, we have had numerous hobbies in Cleveland. So we are Ohio Cleans Cans, no longer Cincinnati Clean Cans. That is our goal: to expand throughout the country and produce this service to anyone.”

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