Peggy O’Neal deserves royal gong after a royal commission

by Lionel Casey

The Queen’s Birthday honor roll runs longer than a Senate poll paper so forgive us for the time to parse it completely.

Peggy O'Neal deserves royal gong after a royal commission 3

One whose gong had, until now, unhappily escaped us is Peggy O’Neal, Richmond Football Club president and director of both Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation and National Australia Bank’s first-rate trustee, Nulis Nominees. The naturalized seppo became named an Officer of the Order of Australia for “distinguished provider to Australian regulations soccer, superannuation and finance regulation, and the advancement of ladies in leadership roles”.

Critiquing the worthiness or in any other case of specific appointees (and their grades) is a vigilante’s errand that we’ll without problems concede. Note the laugh commotion brought about by way of Jane Caro’s reputation for “big provider to the printed media as a journalist, social commentator, and author”.

Ordinarily, The Australian well knows a way to labor a factor; however, its readers freely hit the roof on the avowed republican’s conferral with the Queen’s lapel pin for doing her properly-paid process (if indeed, journalism is what you’d name it). ABC News Breakfast host Virginia Trioli leaped to her defense, labeling the letters web page “appalling stuff” and questioning aloud whether “now an Iranian-fashion public stoning is a journalist?”

Hyperbole lives while an embellished pugilist with 99,364 Twitter fans is equivalent to Ayatollah Khomeini’s damned, as does irony. Having been vilified as “truculent turds” via the Sorority of Chivalry’s most modern member on election night simply remaining month, are those (now and then) quiet Australians now not entitled to their bewilderment?

But we’ve strayed, and badly. The behavior of NAB’s superannuation trustee became singled out for laser-like scrutiny by Kenneth Hayne’s public inquisition of the financial services industry final year, especially its charging of prices for financial recommendation no longer supplied, of grandfathered commissions, and on dead customers. Under a settlement lodged with Hayne and signed using O’Neal as a Nulis director, MLC customers received hobby for their coins balances of fifty or 75 foundation factors below the Reserve Bank’s cash price.

“I couldn’t quite trust what I turned into studying… I did shed a tear or two,” O’Neal said, no longer to the royal fees recommend helping however to Richmond FC’s in-house information channel upon her public holiday citation.

These are, in any case, the Queen’s honors and the Queen’s fee of inquiry. Her Majesty might’ve been clever to conduct even cursory cross-referencing. We worry Betty dropped the ball.

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