SweetHoney Dessert Debuts Its Hong Kong-Style Dishes in Chinatown

by Lionel Casey

Debuting an elegant, minimalist approach to presentation and an extended menu full of Hong Kong-stimulated flavors, SweetHoney Dessert has arrived at Shanghai Plaza on Spring Mountain Road.

Located on the upper stage of the plaza and featuring a shaded outside patio, diners are offered a colorful, photo-filled menu that helpfully includes descriptions of less acquainted dishes created with grass jelly, sago, and durian.

SweetHoney Dessert Debuts Its Hong Kong-Style Dishes in Chinatown 3

Despite the name, SweetHoney Dessert also serves set savory snacks, consisting of the $6.95 house chicken wings, $four.Ninety-five crispy gyoza, $5.Seventy-five Thai curry fish balls, plus curly fries, shumai, calamari rings, and butterfly shrimp.

The primary attraction — the artfully offered Cantonese-fashion desserts, maximum priced beneath $7. Plated on the logo’s orange-hued tableware, the small quantities and charge point encourage diners to try less, not unusual, picks, including the hot or bloodless, snow fungus and papaya soup, mango pomelo sago tofu pudding, stewed Tashima coconut soup, and Thai black glutinous rice.

Low Fat Dessert Recipes: Poached Pears with Raspberry Sauce


  • half a lemon
  • Two medium ripe pears
  • One and a half cups of fresh raspberries (hold a few spare for the garnish)
  • One tablespoon of black currant-taste or orange-flavor liqueur
  • 1/three cup of confectioners’ sugar
  • Two teaspoons of sugar
  • Some mint sprigs for garnish
That is all you want to make this cake from the low fats dessert recipes.

First, what you would need to do is to put together the pears. Take a knife and cast off the cores from the bottom of the pears. Then peel off the pores and skin of the pear but no longer reduce away the stem of the pear. It will be used as an ornament later. After you peeled the pears, take half of the lemon and rub it around the pears. Then sprinkle sugar around the pears.

After that, take out a plate that is oven-friendly and lay down the pears at the play. Make the pears lying down so that the stems are pointing in the direction of the middle. After that, pour two tablespoons of water into the plate. Do no longer cover the scale as you positioned in the oven. Set the oven to cook at HIGH for 5 to 6 minutes. Keep an eye on the pears. When it becomes gentle, flip the pears over half of the manner and keep cooking dinner. After cooking on each side, transfer the pears with the stem that ends up for your serving plate and allow it to cool off. You are halfway accomplished with this cake from the low fats dessert recipes.

While the pears are cooling, take the raspberries and mix them until they become puree. Then sift the confectioner’s sugar into a bowl. Then also shift the raspberries puree so you can separate the seeds. Then gently mix the sugar and puree till it’s far well combined.

When the poached pears are geared up to be served, pour a spoon complete of raspberries sauce over it. Then take the mint sprigs and unused raspberries and enhance them.

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