The Couple Behind Gourmeletas

by Lionel Casey

Serving up sprinkle-festooned, hand-dipped paletas, colorful ice cream & concha concoctions, and other drool-worthy desserts, Gourmeletas lives as much as its name. The cell cart and catering service provide a gourmet contact to the paleta experience, and the ensuing desserts flavor is simply as good as they appear.

The Couple Behind Gourmeletas 3

Amy and Tomas Carballo are the husband and spouse duo at the back of these cakes, doping up all over LA. In beneath than years, they’ve grown a thriving commercial enterprise from scratch, leveraging the strength of Instagram and their revel in inside the catering industry to create a business enterprise that elevates the traditional cakes they grew up consuming. We stuck up with the couple to research their entrepreneurial journey more extraordinary and what’s next for Gourmeletas.

What is your historical past, and what have you done before you decided to begin an enterprise?

Tomas grew up inside the eating place global, handling and co-owning his own family’s pizza restaurants. Before we were determined to start our very own business, Tomas and I worked for a catering corporation.

How did you learn how to make paletas and ice cream? Was this something you have been doing for your loose time?

Most don’t realize this; however, we started with a pizza cart while we decided to go into enterprise for ourselves. Paletas and ice cream had been indeed a dessert choice at the side of different goodies. [But] Tomas is a chef, so he has what we like to call “el sazón.”

What gave you the idea to release Gourmeletas?

Having the food background we each had, we noticed a need for cool [Latino] food at pop-up [events] in LA. We created a call only for ice cream & cakes, and that took off. Our tale is specific; our goal turned into never to make a dessert employer. However, it quickly gained momentum. We like to say: guy plans; however, God leads.

When it comes to starting your very own business, what were your biggest learnings? What were your biggest challenges? Our biggest learnings are you can’t do it alone. You want an awesome group to help you accomplish your goals. When you comprehend you want to develop, growth brings the want for enlargement, and you need to figure it out. You can’t grow in case you aren’t prepared.

Flavors: Concentrate on flavors in addition to culture. There is nothing worse than getting to the top of a delicious meal and being a gift with an attractive, however bland, dessert. If you find that what you’ve got made has grown to become watery, you could constantly serve it with a delicious sauce like strawberry, raspberry, or mango, or, more appropriate, a custard.

Last however not longer least, the first-rate Christmas cakes need no longer be very complicated. If you are high-quality in making the chocolate pie, then move ahead and cause them to. It is always encouraged to make something in preference to experimenting on this unique occasion. At least this way, you’ll be positive that your dessert never will flip out a flop, and you may provoke your guests at home.

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