‘Uber of house cleaning’ app launches in Edmonton

by Lionel Casey
A new Edmonton-based totally app objectives to turn out to be the “Uber of residence cleansing.”

“Everyone has watched the growth of Uber and Skip the Dishes and some of this different on-call for offerings and, for whatever cause, … No one has certainly touched cleansing,” stated Angus Gastle, CEO of CleanNow on CBC’s Radio Active.

“Maybe it is not attractive, or maybe they don’t recognize it.”

'Uber of house cleaning' app launches in Edmonton 3

CleanNow launched in Edmonton in November with plans to amplify to Calgary and then across Canada, he stated.

Gastle stated he has already linked with 5,000 cleaners during you. S. A.

The idea got here out of conversations with human beings who have used regular cleaning services but discovered it hard to find someone that would stick around, Gastle said.

Clients input records approximately the dimensions of their home, the number of lavatories and bedrooms in the app, and it responds with a price quote.

All cleaners that paintings with clean now have a commercial license and are insured and bonded, he stated. The images were in two teams for security reasons and split the price 70-30 with the organization.

On-demand employees

Dawit Adem and his spouse Rita Negasi commenced running for CleanNow while it was released.

Adem said the pay is lots higher than his nighttime job at the University of Alberta, and with a few good opinions through the app, they may be receiving a request to clean almost every day.

At this factor, the couple cleans two homes in a day.

But if CleanNow becomes too much like Uber — employing casual cleaners and now not human beings like him who want to work full-time — he could locate it a good deal less appealing.

Right now, it is a reliable source of actual work, “however, if it’s simplest a residence a month, then it is no longer interesting,” he said.

“I need to cease my activity; I need to clean with CleanNow extra,” he stated, “but I’m no longer sure with this agency what the future could be.”

He stated he’ll be watching to see if it’s a fantastic source of income because the company expands.

“This isn’t always like Uber and riding,” he stated, “This is a job. It’s cleansing, and we need time to easy, and we ought to be expert.”

Before you lease restaurant cleansing offerings, you should interview more than one employer. You need to ensure that the enterprise you hire will make a good impression on your clients and employees whose terrible job is finished. Your customers will note, and it can affect the amount of commercial enterprise that your restaurant will acquire. Poor cleansing that is noticeable can affect your profit, so make sure you look at their references and give performance critiques in their offerings periodically.

Some questions which you need to ask all through the interview have to consist of:

• How lengthy has the employer been supplying offerings?
• Do they have any customers you can touch for memories?
• Who could be doing the cleaning? Will it be the equal man or woman(s) on every occasion, or does the body of workers rotate restaurants that they easy?
• What sort of experience does their team of workers have in cleansing restaurants, and what areas does your body of workers have specialized expertise in?
• Does the company have liability insurance?

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